Van Gogh's The Mulberry Tree Painting
Joseph Roulin
Starry Night Over the Rhone

Why Did Vincent van Gogh Cut Off His Ear?

Vincent van Gogh was not a man known for his good mental health, not in his lifetime or now.  In fact, outside of his art, he is a man known for cutting off his own ear and delivering a piece of his ear to a girlfriend.  While this is true in essence, much of the…

Vincent van Gogh, the Art Dealer (Part 2, London and Paris)

Edge of a Wood, Drawing in Charcoal 1881

Upon his arrival to London in May, it immediately became obvious that Van Gogh’s concerns about being able to maintain himself abroad were unfounded. Goupil and Cie found him a boarding house, albeit an expensive one that cost him much of his wages. The raise he received upon entering the London branch helped. His 50…