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Share Your Painting 2

Lemon Tree PaintingKe090319_0843

Due to the great response we received from our last “Share Your Painting” post, I thought I would share another visitor painting inquiry with you.  The images of paintings shown were sent to me by a Van Gogh Gallery visitor who is interested in learning more about these paintings.  He believes that these paintings have some markings similar to Van Gogh’s work.  He says there is a signature in the lower left on one of the paintings with a ‘v’ like shape which wraps around a face.   The paintings are 8”x10” on canvas with handmade tack nails holding the canvas to the frame.  Again, since we do not do art authentication, I thought I would share these works here for you to offer your expert opinion and help give the owner of these paintings more information about these works.  Please comment and share your thoughts on these pieces.

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  1. First off i would like to thank you Sonya, The orange trees hear are very old looking , When i had the pictures taken of them they were shot at 600 dpi. And when zoomed into on different levels and changing contrast and brightness levels , there are several characters and faces that all seem to intwine every way you turn the painting , Also there is quite visable maps with arrows pointing . I am not sure who exactly done these paintings , But as discribed there is a V and a G simble with a face inside of it , it wraps around the head. almost looksa little like @ . I am almost certain that it looks like vangoghs face behind it. But there again not 100% possitive. Can get cd made and send to anyone who might no who done these paintings, as they are indepth with insight, Can go as high as 1200 dpi scanner. Thank You Gary

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