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Van Gogh and The Scream

It is rare that we discuss the work of other artists, besides Van Gogh, on this blog; however, this work is frequently mistaken as a Van Gogh. It is a common misconception that Van Gogh created the painting titled The Scream.  With Halloween having just past, we have had another influx of people contacting us and searching our website with this idea, but Van Gogh did not create this painting.  In fact, The Scream was painted three years after Van Gogh’s death.  So who is the artist that painted this work?  Norwegian artist Edvard Munch (1863-1944) painted The Scream in 1893 and a series of other paintings and prints by this name.  Although Munch was an Expressionist he was influenced by the works of earlier Post-Impressionists, including Van Gogh, on a trip to Paris in 1889.  To learn more about Munch, please visit our Edvard Munch page, or find Edvard Munch prints including The Scream.

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