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Van Gogh in Bronze and Stone

Van Gogh in Bronze - Okke WeerstandVan Gogh has influenced countless artists over the years.  During his time, he greatly influenced other major artists like Gauguin as well as other Impressionists and Post Impressionists.   Today, Van Gogh is still impacting artists all over the world.  We recently posted new featured artists Okke Weerstand and Geert Weerstand, both inspired by Van Gogh, to our Van Gogh’s Impact on Art section.

Okke Weerstand began his Van Gogh inspired sculptures in June of 2009 when he made a bust of Vincent van Gogh (after his last self-portrait in 1889) in bronze. The work was commissioned by his uncle Geert Weerstand who has a permanent exhibition of about 75 works in stone and glass inspired by Van Gogh.  This sculpture was just the beginning of a series of incredible bronze sculptures by Okke Weerstand inspired by the paintings and drawings of Van Gogh.

Inspired by the art of Vincent van Gogh, Geert Weerstand opened a permanent exhibition of Van Gogh inspired works in the basement of his home in Urk, The Netherlands in May of 2009.  Geert’s works, which are all two Van Gogh in Stone - Geert Weerstanddimensional, are made of a combination of colored glass, ceramics and (sandblasted) freestone inspired by and created after many of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings and drawings. Geert continues to make new works for the exhibition today. In addition to his works, he also has several sculptures on display which are part of his permanent exhibition created by his nephew Okke Weerstand.

See more of Okke Weerstand – Van Gogh in Bronze or Geert Weerstand – Van Gogh in Stone.


  1. Achei muito importante fazerem esta homenagem póstuma ao grande artista Van Gogh.Ainda mais tendo por mês março, já que é o mês natalício dele. também fiz minha homenagem a ele em meu Blog. Ainda não tinha conhecimento das esculturas. Voltarei mais vezes para atualizar-me.Pena que não consegui me inscrever como seguidora.Sucesso para a equipe…aprofessoratialilian @”@

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