Van Gogh Paintings

Van Gogh Still Life

Still Life with Clogs and Pots - Vincent van Gogh
Still life was just one of the many types of art that Van Gogh mastered.  Still Life: Japanese Vase with Roses and Anemones - Vincent van GoghVan Gogh’s early still life paintings are more realistic in style and capture the aspects of peasant life in the Borinage, Belgium.  During his later years, living in the South of France, he became more expressive with color and more imaginative depicting subjects. A recent post from Eyeconart’s blog discusses several different masters’ takes on still life including Van Gogh and how even in painting still objects each artist’s style and personality shows through.  Scroll through our gallery to see more of Van Gogh’s progression as an artist through still life.


  1. we shud salute van gogh,i never thought before that his life would be as tragic as it is…he leaves a treasure ore of art that is famous til today!!

  2. Hello I am a really big fan of Van Gogh although I am only ten yrs old I think that his still life is the best of all his work thanks 4 readin bye.

  3. Van Gogh is amazing I’m studying him for my visual arts assignment and I’m extremely excited about it 🙂

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