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Gogh Here for The Holidays

Restaurant de la Sirène at Asnières- Vincent van GoghWith the holidays quickly approaching I would like to turn your attention to one of our sponsors, Restaurant Foods at Home. Without the support of sponsors like Restaurant Foods at Home, we would not be able to bring the enhanced information and upgrades to the Van Gogh Gallery site. So, for your holiday gifts consider some of the delicious gourmet cheese gift boxes that Restaurant Foods has to offer. Being that Van Gogh was from Holland, one of the top cheese producing countries in the world, and that he often dined on bread and cheese alone, cheese gifts are the perfect accompaniment to a Van Gogh masterpiece for anyone on your holiday gift list.


  1. We travelled there with our three daughters. We found all informations on Amsterdam it is a very beautiful town and the museums are great. But with the exchange rate as it is, we found it very expensive. Some museums were closed for refurbishment, but the views of the canals and hi-lights such as the Anne Frank House and the Artis Zoo (an old-fashioned place with a great array of animals kept in somewhat cramped conditions) are very memorable. The food is awful unless you want to spend a great deal of money and there is a cynical attitude to tourists that is very out of date (e.g. tapas marinaded pork was one slice of fried bacon on 1/2 a bread roll). We stayed in the serviceable but expensive Singel Hotel which was okay but its close proximity to a red light area made going out with the children awkward and there really was nothing charming or liberated about hurrying past the ladies in the windows. The same is true of the legal dope selling ‘coffee houses’. The whole bicycle thing is interesting. It is almost, but not quite, the eco-city of the future. Some cyclists are quite anarchic and we spent a fair bit of time dodging pavement mounted bad-tempered riders. Overall verdict was we were glad we’d been but wouldn’t go again as it feels over priced, out of date and sleazy – not the cutting edge hip family friendly town it’s sold as.

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