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Self Portrait - Vincent van GoghIn the midst of the sweltering summer it is nice to take a break from the heat and take in some culture at a local museum.  Should you find yourself in Amsterdam this summer, art and culture abounds and Van Gogh can’t be missed.  The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh’s works.  For a first hand look at one patron’s experience at the Van Gogh museum check out this enlightening post from Bells on a Starry Night.  The Rijksmuseum also has some of Van Gogh’s work as well as works from many other famous artists and eras, or if you are venturing out of Amsterdam consider visiting the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo which houses over two hundred and fifty of Van Gogh’s works.  Prefer to view the masterpieces a little closer to home?  Go to the Van Gogh Gallery catalog and filter by city, state, country or museum name to find the Van Goghs closest to you.  Is there an interesting Van Gogh work or tour in your local area?  Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Van Gogh is really a great artist. i’m study Understanding arts currently, i have to present an artist, and i have choosen him. So thanks for the news provided.

  2. i am a expression artist and i have been watching the stars and night sky the last month. During this time i noticed the stars will communicate. This might have been what drove him crazy- that is if he was over the rainbow hes crazy. I know it is driving me towords going fishing . Or there is another entity contoling the lights in the night(like shooting stars and comets or are they alien craft or new jets that go really fast) whateverthecase-i do enjoy his work ;moreso,starry night

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  4. Van Gogh has been my favorite artist every since I was introduced to art in college. I am just AMAZED at the work that he did. I can honestly say you can train yourself to become an artist through practice. People think it is a trait that is innate; however, with practice and true passion, anyone can be an artist. (I am not sure as good as Van Gogh was)
    What I really love about Van Gogh is his emotional emphasis and creative brush strokes within the facial features. You can look at his paintings and really know how that person was feeling and furthermore, thinking!
    In my portrait, I used a technique most obvious that Vincent van Gogh would have used. As motivation from his “Starry Night” painting, I decided to use obvious and hard brush strokes. It is obvious to the eye and the brushstrokes convey an emotional feeling and symbolize the “state of mind.” Postimpressionist continued to use thick application of paint, and obvious thick brushstrokes but really exemplified the state of emotion in a real life atmosphere. It really portrays a visual statement that is obvious to the viewer. The lines in this piece possess strong emotion, as Van Gogh would have used. I used an overwhelming mixture of colors for an “intense” background to convey chaos that was going on at that place in time. I used a medium of acrylic paints and pencils because they were easy to show distinctive lines and I could really mix the colors and see all of the colors I used without them blending together with paint. Some hues of blue tend to show a calm atmosphere, and red tend to show anxiety, or “high blood pressure.” I especially liked the swirls of green and purple to show the confusion aspect of thinking. This portrait was more accurate to the photograph because I used geometric shapes to keep the face and body proportioned. I was also able to make the portrait two-dimensional on a picture plane using implied depth. For example, the right shoulder is smaller than the face making it look farther away. You can view my first portrait on my blog. Click on the link below!
    I went on to Christie’s auction house and actually found van Gogh’s paintings selling for millions of dollars. If I had the money, though I would definitely be buying them as well.
    You can view it in my Blog! Hope you think it is good!
    (scroll down after mission statement right above featured exhibits link)

  5. Great info, Van Gogh does wonderful work. In fact, 140 magnificent art works of Vincent Van Gogh can be found on high quality DVD through this link. It’s a great way to enjoy Van Gogh in the comfort of your home, if going to Amsterdam isn’t an option. I couldn’t have been happier.

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