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“Starry, Starry Night”

We have had several inquiries recently about the paintings described in the first stanza of Don McLean’s hit song “Vincent.”  The Van Gogh Gallery has a Starry, Starry Night page that breaks down the lyrics and names paintings that are referenced in the song.  However, we have not broken down the song line by line and associated each with a particular painting.  With almost 900 paintings in Van Gogh’s collection, it may be hard to say which paintings, if any in particular, are being referred to specifically in the song.  If you would like to offer your ideas on which paintings are being referred to, you can access the complete Van Gogh Catalog on the Van Gogh Gallery, or view the interactive Van Gogh Book which chronicles some of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings.  We would like to thank Unidev for doing the custom software development for these sections of the site.  After you have had a chance to view his vast collection, please feel free to comment with your thoughts on which paintings you think best match the lyrics.


  1. nice blog! could you help me please? where could i find commentaries on vincent van gogh and his works like the starry night and the potato eaters? thanks 😀

  2. what was van Gogh’s favourite color and why?
    what was the name of van gogh’s first mesterpiece?
    briefty describe his painting of ”STARRY NIGHT?
    what type of mental illness did van Gogh suffer from?
    what was the name of van
    gogh finol painting?

  3. vincent was– after reading an autobiography— a very selfish man,BUT A GENIUS

  4. long time ago no body buy his painting and 1 is only sold he so poor so he got mad

  5. Van Gogh has really inspired me with my art. I have loved art since I was a baby…literally. He gives me a certain feelling when I look at his paintings. I love the way he paints. I have devoted alot of my life to art and hope to carry on in life as a great artist. If Van Gogh were alive and well, I would give almost anything to meet him. I hope everyone who goes on this website is a true lover of art and likes Van Gogh. Because then, there will be many.

  6. Hey.

    I have some question.
    I have a portrait of Vincent van Gogh painted by a danish artist Christian Mourier Petersen?
    Even a landscape unsigned.

    Where can I get response?

    I am a big Vincent van Gogh lover.

    Best wishes Preben. .

  7. how many pantings has he done!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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