Vincent van Gogh and Cornelia (Kee) Adriana Vos-Stricker

Cornelia (Kee) Adriana Vos-Stricker (March 21, 1846 – 1918) was Vincent van Gogh’s cousin, the daughter of Van Gogh’s mother’s older sister and Johannes Stricker, an aunt and uncle who had shown kindness to the struggling artist. While Van Gogh was living with his family in Etten, Netherlands, he fell in love with Kee who had recently become widowed and was raising her 8 year old son on her own. Kee, however, did not return his feelings though Van Gogh was quite persistent even following her response of “never, no, never” to his marriage proposal. In a letter to Theo on November 3, 1881, Van Gogh said, “There is something …..

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